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Cail: Well weird and kind of scary too. So I guess it was a nightmare.

Emma: Ooh! Nightmares are always the juiciest!

Cail: Heh, I thought you’d be excited.

Okay, so basically I don’t really know where I was. But it was super dark… I couldn’t see a thing!

And… I also felt really bad, like I was sick or something. I could barely move my body at all.

Emma: Umm, that’s super scary! Are you sure it was a dream though? I feel like that every time I wake up.

Cailin: Oh, Em! But I think so. It sure felt like one!

But… that’s pretty much it. I was like trapped somewhere or something. And maybe dying. Spooky stuff!

Emma: Yikes, I guess so!

Cail: So what’s the diagnosis, doc? Am I crazy?

Emma: Hey, hey, let’s be careful with how we use that word.

Cail: Oh, right! Sorry…

Emma: It’s okay! But hmm, if you felt sick… that might mean you’re not comfortable with something that happened lately. That sound right?

Cail: Nope! I’m as happy as ever!

Emma: Good! Well, honestly, it sounds like you might have had a bit of sleep paralysis.

Cailin: Wait what? That doesn’t sound like a good thing.

Emma: Don’t worry, its usually harmless. Scary, but harmless. Did you feel like you were in your room?

Cailin: No not at all!

Emma: Hmmm… Well with sleep paralysis you’re usually somewhat awake.

Cail: I’m pretty sure it was a dream!

Emma: I think I’ll need a bit more to go off of than “it was dark” and “i felt sick”. Lemme know if you remember anything else.

Cailin: That’s it? What am I even paying you for?

Emma: My wonderful personality, obviously.

Cailin: Heehee.

But okay… Seriously, now, why did you guys take the AV van?

Like, why not take Devin’s car like usual?

Emma: His sis has it.

She left town Thursday and we didn’t know if she’d be back, so we just “borrowed” the Baymobile.

Cailin: Is that what we’re calling it now?

Does Mr. Pullman know about this? He can’t be alright with us driving it around at two in the morning, can he?

Emma: No, I don’t think he knows.

But don’t worry, I’m sure Devin will talk himself out of it should we get caught.

Cailin: Like when he stole the HD cameras from the locked cabinet, and Principal Tennyson caught him sneaking them back in?

Emma: (sarcastic) “Oh, well Mr. Pullman said it was fine!”

Devin: Hey, you know how slanderous comments affect my driving ability.

Emma: Yeah dude we know. That poor mailbox from last week knows too.

Devin: *angry sound* Fucker had it coming.

Emma: Mhm.

Cail: Well Emma how about you! Did you get any sleep?

Emma: Ha, sleep? Sleep is for the weak!

Cail: Em! Come on! I shouldn’t have to tell syou how important sleep is!

Em: I was ju-

Dev: She was doing Chelle’s math homework. Again.

Cail: Oh… Thanks for doing mine the other week, by the way!

Emma: Heh, no problem. You seemed like you were really struggling.

Cail: I was… if only you could help me on our psych today….

Emma: God, don’t say today, it’s still the weekend in my head.

Cailin: Dude! It’s Monday, and by the time we’re done with our investigation we’ll be on our way to first hour.

That’s why I brought my backpack.

Emma: Oh shit. Well…


You can do school without any pencils, notes, or books right?

Cailin: …

Emma: My life is a mess.

Cailin: :^(

Emma: Well…

I’m gonna pass out on the couch so the next 12 hours aren’t a terrifying blur.

Wake me up when we get to Chelle’s place.

Cailin: Kk, can do. Night!

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