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Joshua: So hypothetically.

If I forgot what we’re looking for here, could someone remind me?

I don’t think anyone ever told me…

Michelle: Uhh…

We went over this on Friday. Multiple times…

Were you sleeping during club meetings again?

Joshua: Assuming I was…

Michell: *sigh*

In essence, we’re here to determine whether or not that witchcraft rumor that goes around every year is real or not.

Cailin: So that means take pictures of anything and everything! Be on red alert! There’s gotta be a witch around somewhere!

Joshua: Alright. Now what kinds of signs are we looking for? Broomsticks? Cats? …Warts?

Michelle: Well, about that…

Cailin: Hey, there might be a witch you don’t know!

Joshua: Um, what now?

Chelle: Well, see, there’s no proof that anything supernatural has ever occurred here.

In fact, I’m pretty sure this cemetery wasn’t even around in the 17th century…

Devin: And no witches…

Joshua: Means?

Devin: Just another town hoax.

Joshua: Ah. So much for proving witches exist.

And here I thought we might be onto somthin this time…

Chelle: You didn’t even now what was happening until a minute ago…

Cailin: We can’t give up before we even started!

We could still find something spooky!

It’s still a scary graveyard after all!


Joshua: Cail, please! We don’t need to let the ghosts know we’re here.

Cailin: That’s exactly what we need to do!

Ghosts, witches, skeletons… Invite the whole graveyard over!

Devin: Zombies?

Cailin: Can’t forget about them!

Joshua: That’s it. I’m out of here.

Emma: C’mon Josh, you can’t have heart attack three days before your birthday!

I won’t let you meet such an embarrassing end.

(At least not until he’s 16.Then he’s fair game for any of you ghost-gals out there ;) )

Joshua: Tanks, brah.

Emma: Speaking of your birthday, do we have any plans yet?

Joshua: I dunno.

My mom won’t want anyone over. So I figured we’d just meander about the boardwalk and get slushies or something. Maybe hit up the arcade.

Chelle: Hoo boy. Slushies. Again…

Devin: Damn, I haven’t been to the arcade in forever.

(I wonder if I still have the high score on Dig Dug…)

Is that place even still open?

Emma: Yeah, but they probably make all their money off of food rather than games at this point.

Devin: I mean you’re not wrong. Even I could run a business off of five-dollar hot dogs.

Fucking ridiculous.

Joshua: Have fun buying.

Devin: Happy birthday. You get a hot dog. Just one.

Joshua: Hey, it’s the thought that counts.

Devin: Heh.

I should probably actually take some pictures…

Chelle: That does seem like a good idea.

It’s quite chilly here. I wouldn’t mind leaving posthaste.

Emma: Aww, does somebody need a blanket?

Devin: Hey, I’m going! Look, I’m doing it right now!


Picture taken.

Now no one will ever forget that this particular dead guy is buried right here.

I’m so good.

How about another?



Mildred Sanderson…

Why does that sound familiar?

Chelle: She was the first victim of the Crooked Saint.

Devin: Woah…

I didn’t know they were, like, actually buried…

Or even able to be buried…

Emma: Yeah, I know what you mean.

It’s one thing to read about it….

But actually seeing it…

Joshua: Okay guys, we should totally leave now! Let’s go!

Cailin: What’s the matter? Ya scared?

Joshua: Absolutely!

Chelle: Hey, don’t worry. The Crooked Saint was active over sixty years ago.

Even if they were alive today, they’d be super old.

Cail:Yeah! Are you telling me you couldn’t take one old person?

Emma: Look at those noodle arms! I bed he couldn’t even take a skeleton if we dug one up right now!

Cailin: Hmm!

Joshua: Don’t give her ideas! Please!

Emma: Heh, I’d pay to see that.

Devin: My money’s on the skeleton, too.

Joshua: I feel so loved.

Chelle: I think you could take a skeleton. It might be a close fight, but I believe in you.

Emma: That skeleton wouldn’t know what hit it!

Get it?

‘Cause they don’t have brains.

Devin: Oh my god. Did you switch sides just to make a pun?

Emma: Now you know where my true loyalty lies. To the puns forever and always.

Devin: Pft, I bet you’d even–

Joshua: Did you guys hear that?

Emma: Yeah.

Joshua: Oh gosh…

Chelle: Calm down.

It was probably just a raccoon or something.

Cail: Let’s go find out!

Joshua: Ummmmm!

Emma: Aw c’mon Josh. Just let ’em have their fun.

It’s probably nothing, anyway.

Joshua: But what if it WAS something?

Emma: Then your big, strong friends will keep you safe.

Cail: You just stay in back and take pics! I’ll take care of everything!

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