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Cailin: !

Michelle: . . .

Emma: You guys are seeing this too, right?

Devin: Yeah…

Joshua: Is that…

Is that an actual skull?

What is this, some kind of sick joke? Did you guys set this up?

I swear if this is–

Devin: No, dude. I swear. This isn’t us.

Look, those candles were just recently blown out.

Emma: So then… Somebody else was here?

Was it the AV guys? This seems like the exact type of thing they’d do.

Devin: Nah, they wouldn’t have gone through all this trouble.

They would have just jumped out and scared us.

Emma: Then who?

Devin: I don’t know.

Michelle: *concerned sound* They even pulled out some of the grass…

Emma: So, witchcraft theory confirmed, eh? Eh?

Michelle: Hardly.

Just someone with too much time on their hands.

Joshua: Okay!

But even so!

Let’s hypothetically assume that this circle of awful is definitely fake and we all agree on that!

This is way more spookiness than I anticipated having to deal with!

And I would like to leave now.


Emma: Josh, don’t worry. We can leave as soon as we get some pictures.

Devin: Yeah, but who said it’s fake?

It might all be real. Let’s take a closer look.


Joshua: No! Don’t touch it!

You guys are gonna be the death of us, I swear.

Remember what curiosity killed, team.

Devin: Speaking as someone who owns way too many cats, I don’t believe curiosity could kill one of those fuckers.

At least not nine times…

Emma: Yeah, YOU’RE the cat expert.

Michelle: Seriously? How do we get so distracted?

Let’s get a better look at this thing.

What do you think, Cail?

. . .

… Cail?

Cailin: W-what?

Sorry, I was… distracted.

Michelle: I said: “Let’s take a closer look at this.”

Cail: Right, yeah…

Here, lemme take some pics.


Does anyone know what kind of animal this is?

Or… was.

Michelle: Josh? You like biology…

Josh: *sigh*

Well, alright. Um, hmm… it’s definitely a carnivore.

Devin: Damn, I never would have known that. Thanks, bro.

Joshua: Oh, hush.

It’s pretty big, but too short to be a dog or coyote.


Emma: But why is any of this here in the first place?

Michelle: There’s no way this is real.

It was likely someone who overheard our plans and decided to prank us.

Cail: Hey, don’t rule out the supernatural so fast!

We’ve barely looked at it.

In fact, I dare you to touch it right now!

Michelle: What? I’m not going to do that.

Have someone else!

Cail: Come on, you gotta.

Michelle: No.

There’s no way under any circumstance tha-

. . .

*shifting sound*

Emma: Uh…


Cail: Hm?

Emma: There’s… something over there…

Michelle: What?


Cail: !!


Emma: Shh!! Cail!

Cail: What?

Joshua: Should we start walking away?

Cail: And miss this opportunity?

Emma: I think I’m with Josh on this one.

Cailin: No, look! It’s moving away!

Let’s go invetigate!

Emma: Cail…

Cail: *insistent* Come on!

Emma: Wait!


I know you want to figure out what’s going on, but this doesn’t feel right.

I think we should just leave.

Cailin: But…

If we don’t figure out what that was, we might never get the chance again.

Devin: We’re all curious, but we should do this during the day.

Cailin: Then what was the point of coming at all?

Devin: We got some footage, and we found that circle thing. Let’s work with that and come back here later.

Joshua: Yeah, listen to Devin while he’s being reasonable.

Michelle: I concur; I’m fine with leaving.

Cail: But!


Emma: Good, so we’re all in agreement then?

Now let’s go before whatever that was comes back and axe-murders us all.

Cail: Fine…

But you guys gotta promise we’re coming back later.

Devin: Promise.

Now, let’s go.

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