(Note: Voices are currently disabled while we rework how voices are used in the comic. They’ll be back up soon…. ish. Anyway, you should still check out our voice casts pages because they’re all wonderful and do great work!)

Cailin Carver: Makenna Baird

Isaac Hamilton: Sam Dolder

Michelle Segal: Adoxographist

Emma Flores: Saiven (check out her comic here!)

Devin Xue: Jacob the Loofah

Aaron McAryes: Reduxist

Coach Gordon: Dillon

Gabriel Hernandez: The Trynes

Joshua DeWitt: Alastair Casey

Mr. Carver: Adam Greene

Jo, Joe, and Joey: Camomnz

Eric Saddler: Forrest Lee

Luke Reynolds: Simon DLSea

Sabrina MacCarthy: Michaela Gilchrist

Ms. Cunningham: Victoria C

Extra voices: SweetOnigiriMike AskeyReduxistLeonie KohRyan Hook


Pages 50, 124, and 769: “Van Theme
By: Emily Fitch

Page 180: “Leave No (Head)Stone Unturned
By: Thomas Ferkol  (You can commission him here!)

Page 0186: “Warped Investigation
By: Thomas Ferkol 

By: Thomas Ferkol 

Page 0265: “Dawn
By: Thomas Ferkol

Page 0266: “Week 1 Theme”
By: Thomas Ferkol

Pages 0343 and 418: “School Day”
By: Ashlynn Barker

Pages 0496: “Sanctuary
By: Thomas Ferkol

Page 0551: “Live Satellite Part One
By: Ashlynn Barker

Page 0599: “Growing Shadows”
By: myuuji

Page 0618: “Week 1 Theme (Music Box ver.)”
By: Thomas Ferkol

Page 0675: “FIYAH”
By: Thomas Ferkol

Page 0769: “Local Forecast – Elevator”
By: Kevin Macleod

Page 0769: “A Dramatic Conversation”
By: Thomas Ferkol



“Cafeteria Ambient”
By: laurenmartin236

“Driving Inside Car Ambient”
By: laurenmartin236

“Horror Creepy Choir”
By: SoundEffectsFactory

“Horror Creepy Children Shouting”
By: SoundEffectsFactory