Cailin Carver: Makenna Baird

Isaac Hamilton: Sam Dolder

Michelle Segal: Adoxographist

Emma Flores: Saiven (check out her comic here!)

Devin Xue: Jacob the Loofah

Aaron McAryes: Reduxist

Coach Gordon: Dillon

Gabriel Hernandez: The Trynes

Joshua DeWitt: Alastair Casey

Mr. Carver: Adam Greene

Jo, Joe, and Joey: Camomnz

Eric Saddler: Forrest Lee

Luke Reynolds: Simon DLSea

Sabrina MacCarthy: Michaela Gilchrist

Ms. Cunningham: Victoria C

Extra voices: SweetOnigiriMike AskeyReduxistLeonie KohRyan Hook


Pages 50 and 124: “Baymobile
By: Emily Fitch

Page 180: “Leave No (Head)Stone Unturned
By: Thomas Ferkol  (You can commission him here!)

Page 0186: “Warped Investigation
By: Thomas Ferkol 

By: Thomas Ferkol 

Page 0265: “Dawn
By: Thomas Ferkol

Page 0266: “Week 1 Theme”
By: Thomas Ferkol

Pages 0343 and 418: “School Day”
By: Ashlynn Barker

Pages 0496: “Sanctuary
By: Thomas Ferkol

Page 0551: “Live Satellite Part One
By: Ashlynn Barker

Page 0599: “Growing Shadows”
By: myuuji

Page 0618: “Week 1 Theme (Music Box ver.)”
By: Thomas Ferkol

Page 0675: “FIYAH”
By: Thomas Ferkol


“Cafeteria Ambient”
By: laurenmartin236

“Driving Inside Car Ambient”
By: laurenmartin236

“Horror Creepy Choir”
By: SoundEffectsFactory

“Horror Creepy Children Shouting”
By: SoundEffectsFactory