This comic features a wide variety of characters with different backgrounds and life experiences. These issues will be explored in detail, and the story has a rather strong horror element. You can see where this is going. Many things depicted in the comic may be upsetting in nature, so imagine there is a general “trigger warning” across the whole comic.

Consider yourself warned.

Dear Children is a webcomic that is equal parts drama, mystery, and horror (and maybe comedy, if you think our dumb writing is funny).

Dear Children takes place in Hearthbrook, Massachusetts, a coastal town that was once a hotspot for supernatural tourism.  The story follows Hearthbrook High School’s journalism club, who’s newspaper has only seen dwindling readership in recent months. In order to revive interest in the paper, the club has taken to investigating and documenting the many urban legends and rumors from their town’s history. One night while investigating a local graveyard, they encounter something very strange and, shortly after, bodies of the recently deceased begin disappearing all over town, including a student in Hearthbrook High who died under mysterious circumstances. Thinking all these events may be connected, the journalism club begins an investigation into what may be Hearthbrook’s greatest mystery.

They wanted the legends to be true. They should have been more careful what they wished for.

This comic features music and voice acting on certain flash-based pages in the comic. These pages are marked in bold in the archive. Also, don’t be intimidated by the number of pages, as it currently stands the whole comic can be read in under 3 hours.

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We? Why do you always refer to yourself as we? Who is we?

Mitchell Pepper @SliceHazard – Artist, co-author, and huge nerd.
Kyle Holcomb @McGonagiggle – Co-author, and parasite.