An Update for You

Hey, all! Some of you might be wondering if we’re dead or not. We’re not! At least not on the outside.

Anyway! I figured we should give a brief update as to what’s DC’s schedule is going to look like in the near future.

Long story short, we’re working on updating a lot of DC’s old assets (cast page, map, audio files, typos, awkward dialogue, subpar art, etc.) in order to improve the feel of the comic and this is taking up a lot of our time. Concurrently, we are also working on a new flash page. This is why we haven’t updated in a while. Expect more updates in the future! We’ll give you more info as we determine more specific dates.

Thanks to those of you who have stayed interested in this down period. Here’s a little bit of summer artwork for your troubles:

Until next time, take care!