We’re back, baby!

So, uh, that three week break sure turned into a three month break, huh. Think of it like us having taken a summer vacation. Or something. There was a lot more work (and more complications doing said work) to be done than we initially anticipated. However, as you may have guessed from this update, that’s all done now! Starting this Wednesday, Dear Children will be back to regular updates for the foreseeable future.

Okay, now we should probably briefly go over some of the changes we’ve made to the comic. We STRONGLY advise re-reading the comic to get the full experience, but we understand if there are those of you who don’t want to do that. There were MANY quality of life changes, especially to the earlier flashes which have kept the same structure but overall been completely re-written. the first two flashes especially felt like a whole lot of nothing, not being particularly funny, plot-relevant, or even introducing the characters that well. The beginning of the comic should flow much better now and overall be much more entertaining. Chapter 2 required a good bit of edits; the first half of it was overall slow and inconsequential. Certain scenes have been either extended or cut in order to help this chapter flow better. For the most part these changes took up the largest part of our time. We have also devised a new system for using voice acting going forward, and if you re-read the comic you will note that none of the flashes have voice acting currently. The system we’ll be implementing should improve the overall experience but requires quite a bit of time to record. Once all of our actors are finished we will have voices back in a jiffy, though! When we re-add voices we’ll also be capturing and uploading the flashes to Youtube so that people on mobile don’t have to miss out on anything (one of our biggest problems, to be honest).

I believe that’s everything we have to say for now! We look forward to getting back on a regular schedule (for real, this time), and we look forward to showing you what we have in store. Let’s just say with all that down time we’ve come up with some very good ideas…

Until then! Also, here’s another summer picture featuring everyone’s favorite frenemies. It’s still technically summer. Technically.